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Infographic on Littlefeather's online self displayed using gardening humourMini Assignments

Mini Assignment #5: Create an infographic that summarizes your online self

For week 5’s mini assignment, we were asked to summarize our online selves by using an infographic. I searched how to make an infographic and canva came up. Canva is …

Purple stain remixMini Assignments

Mini Assignment #4 – Make a Remix

Purple Stain Purple stain, purple stain Purple stain, purple stain Purple stain, purple stain I only wanted to see you bathing in the purple stain Purple Stain was created for …

wanted poster of a seed stealing squirrelMini Assignments

Mini Assignment #3: Create a story out of media only: a video production

For week five’s mini assignment, we were asked to create a story using media only. I made a video with some footage I took of some wildlife at the Richmond …

Autumn PeltierMini Assignments

Mini Assignment #2 – Guest Post Autumn Peltier – Personal cultural hero

Boozhoo/Hello my name is Autumn Peltier, I am the guest host this week for Little Feather Adventures. I am honoured to be here today as Shannon’s choice of her personal …

cat meme website designMini Assignments

Mini assignment #1 – Create a meme

I created this meme using Adobe Express. It’s a user-friendly site, I just wish there were more options. The reason I made this meme was to capture my humour. I …

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