Minoru Park, Richmond, B.C.

orange rabbit in Minoru Park
Orange rabbit I came across while walking through Minoru Park

One of the reasons I love living in Richmond so much is my discovery of how many bunnies are everywhere! There are tonnes of rabbits just around my apartment complex. I spotted this orange beauty in Minoru Park near the Chapel during my walk through the park. I love rabbits so much. They bring a lot of joy to people in the community. Especially when the little baby bunnies appear. However, by the looks of this rabbit, he doesn’t look wild at all. With a bit of reading, I found out that the rabbits in Richmond are feral and are actually invasive species causing quite a problem. The rabbits in Richmond are most likely caused by people abandoning their pet rabbits (you can read more about the issue here). Despite the city’s efforts to capture, spay and neuter, and relocate the rabbits to a sanctuary, the rabbit population continues to grow and put native plants at risk. It is actually against the bylaws to feed the rabbits, but I see people do it all the time. Please practice responsible pet ownership.

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