Westham Island, Delta, B.C.

Along my travels this week, I was pleasantly surprised to witness my first flowers of the year! I found these beauties on Westham Island in Delta, B.C. These were growing in someone’s front yard under a tree. I was excited to look up what the flower was. I couldn’t believe my eyes that a flower was blooming so early in February. I have to say that this time of year is my favourite, it is when our plant relatives start to awaken from the earth. Living in coastal southern B.C. is a treat because we get to experience signs of early spring a few weeks earlier than most other parts of Canada.

snowdrop flowers in February
Snowdrop in early February

In my research, I found out that the Snowdrop is a bulb that is not native to B.C. Snowdrop flowers are native to Europe and the Middle East. It was planted deliberately by someone. It is best planted with dry bulbs around October in cooler winter climates. They are early risers in the spring. The bonus is that they are a plant that won’t be nibbled on by critters in the neighborhood. If you are interested in planting or growing your own Snowdrops next spring Garden Know How gives some excellent tips. In the picture above you can see the tips of daffodils starting to emerge as well.

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